Mutual Assistance Association (MAA Coalition)

Wednesday, 01 October 2008 22:04
The MAA coalition is made up of over 12 Community Based Minority Organizations. The mission of the coalition is to promote solidarity and collaboration among grassroots Community Based Minority Organizations (Combs) serving refugees and  migrants to provide and strengthen a voice for these communities in Massachusetts.  The MAA Coalition is committed to advocating for their communities through capacity building,  leadership development, and addressing needs through the provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

The objectives of the MAA Coalition are to:

  • Provide refugee community services, such as: outreach, cultural adjustment orientation and education, access to services, and linkages with local resources to promote self-sufficiency, access to services and local integration of newcomer refugees;

  • Strengthen the service delivery capacity of Coalition MAAs, especially newly emerged MAAs, to enhance their ability to become self-sustaining through inter-agency collaboration, mentoring, and affiliation; information exchange and  resource development;

  • Build bridges between refugee organizations and mainstream service systems and resources to promote culturally and linguistically appropriate services and a better understanding of refugee communities through community organizing, public education and the development of local partnerships and special initiative.

1601-1603 Blue Hill Avenue, PO Box 260386 , Mattapan, MA 02126