Great news…The Alliance has a ton of resources available right at your fingertips!  But, you are probably wondering…

“Where to start?” and “Where can I find …?”, right?

Here’s a brief overview of where you’ll find what you need. And, by the way, we’ve provided you with an easy place to write down all your user names and passwords.  Click here to print Fast Start Documents link



This is The Lampe Company business and training website. Feel free to share the above link with your friends and family who might be interested in seeing what you do and more detail about the company you’ve joined. You also can use this website as a prospecting tool – its up-to-date, catchy and modern look will attract a large number of people who are looking for a new opportunity.


In addition, our password-protected training area has been specifically designed to help you get out writing business quickly. Once you have your insurance license, you will be guided step-by-step with an easy-to-follow system so that you learn how to:

Set strong appointments that stick

Prepare for meeting families

Complete the required paperwork

Submit your completed applications to the carriers for review and approval

Follow your pending applications, if required

Find recruits via your new clients

Discover safe money being held in accounts that may not be benefiting your clients


This is The Alliance (NAA) main website, The Alliance has areas designed to be viewed by prospects and areas which provide active agents with back-office functions such as reports and business tracking.

The main splash page shares our vision, ideal for sharing with new and prospective agents. You can find information on The Opportunity, details about the company itself and a Home Page, which shares some of our vision and mission.  


When you choose My NAA, you are taken to your back-office area where you will find everything you need to run your business, including:

My NAA, outlining your business, including hierarchy and business reports

My Leads, where you order and review your lead mix

Contests, showing you all the details about your current contest status

Training and Support, outlining all the live and video/audio training you can access each week

Services, including how to purchase E&O insurance along with much, much more

Carriers, where you can review the specific plans our insurers offer as well as access their websites directly

Products, outlines the life needs we cover with our insurance plans

Resources, where you can find doctors’ names and address and a wealth of other information

A truly key website for your business, is where you can sign up a new agent or invite them to join the company.
When you first started your career with The Alliance, this is where you went to contract directly with the first couple of carriers your manager suggested for you. This is where you come back when you want to add new carriers to your portfolio or update your personal information (addresses, checking account information, etc.).

The NAA University truly makes it easy for new agents to get a fast start on their careers with us. With more than 70 different training videos, be sure and connect with your leader on which ones to do first. 
Don’t get lost in the library and try to all the courses all at once!! Do only those courses recommended by your Team Leader or Agency Manager.  Also, check with your leader on how to get all the courses for FREE.

What’s important here is to get enough information about our products that you can go out and help families and make money.  We generally like agents to start with Foresters and CFG products to give you a quick start.

This is the place to find out where the weekly training ise being held throughout the U.S., plus check out boot camps around the country. You can search by city and state for the closest one and by name of a special speaker too! There is also a map that is color coded for the days of the week. Bookmark this page for sure!      

Upcoming national and regional meetings as well as past meetings and incentive trips can be viewed here. Registration for events, plus information on lodging and roommates is available as well on this site.

Make sure you check on the next event as these will move your business forward like crazy…insurance companies, breakout sessions, top training!

If you have never attended an Instant Thunder event, you will want to view this website and get to one as soon as you can.  You will visit The Alliance corporate headquarters, leadership cabin and get one-on-one time with staff and leaders too!   

f you love branded merchandise, this is your stop. Everything from golf shirts to caps and folders is available here. I

Choose to purchase things such as:

Business Cards


Presentation folders


Cups, pens, key rings etc

And much, much more to help you build your business and look professional