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Over the past six years, HFSP staff have also worked with families to continuously develop and expanded a host of activities and service strategies to meet the pressing, more daily needs for training, services, and support that will enable adult children with mental disabilities to lead more fulfilling, self-sufficient lives beyond high school. These services and activities stem from the Department of mental Retardation (DMR) self-determination principle; that each individual should be able to live an independent life, based on his/her choice and capabilities. The HFSP is designed to insure family control







The guiding principle of the Haitian Family Support Program (HFSP) is that the family is generally the best source of support for an individual with mental retardation or autism. All HFSP activities and supports are based on the premise that if services are designed and managed to produce the outcomes that the family and individual needs and wants, these services will be of the greatest benefit to that individual.


HAPHI currently serves over 70 families with children and adults with developmental disabilities through its Haitian Family Support Program (HFSP). The HFSP provides bi-cultural, bi-lingual support coordination, respite care, recreation, counseling, support groups, social activities, and financial support to the families it serves.


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